Welcome to CrossFit Wichita Falls, home of Starting Strength and Practical Programming for Strength Training author Mark Rippetoe. The largest, best-equipped CrossFit facility in Texas, we have a complete selection of the tools necessary to do your CrossFit WOD at any level of fitness. In addition to the most complete collection of bumper plates, Olympic bars, and free weights in the southwest, our equipment includes:

  • 11 Platforms for the Olympic lifts
  • Kettlebells from 4kg to 32kg.
  • Still rings, for chins and dips
  • Climbing rope and peg board
  • Assisted chin/dip, for all levels of ability
  • Medicine balls to 20 lbs.
  • Plyo boxes for jumps, from 12" to 42"
  • Padded conditioning floor, for jump training
  • 2 Glute/Ham benches, 2 reverse hypers
  • 50 meter rubber-topped track
  • Bands and chains, for Westside method
  • Dumbbells to 164 lbs
  • Concept2 Rowers
  • The most extensive collection of bumper plates and barbell equipment in the area

And most importantly, the staff at CrossFit Wichita Falls has the experience and expertise necessary to make your WOD effective --whether it's your first or your 1000th. We can teach all CrossFit exercises and the Olympic lifts to trainees of any skill and conditioning level, to ensure the amazing results you expect from CrossFit training. Ask about personal training, done the CrossFit Way. Contact certified CrossFit Coach Mark Rippetoe at 696-0829.

Ask about personal training, done the CrossFit Way. Contact Mark Rippetoe at 696-0829.

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