IronMind is a California-based company, founded in the late 1980s, that manufactures and sells a wide variety of strength training equipment, accessories and related materials. IronMind's president is Randall J. Strossen.

Perhaps their most popular product is the Captains of Crush line of hand grippers. The stronger models of these grippers offer levels of resistance far beyond the grippers that are typically found in sporting goods stores.

The ten models and their resistance levels are:

Gripper Force
Guide 60 lb.
Sport 80 lb.
Trainer 100 lb.
No. 1 140 lb.
No 1.5 167.5 lb.
No. 2 195 lb.
No. 2.5 237.5 lb.
No. 3 280 lb.
No. 3.5 322.5 lb.
No. 4 365 lb.

IronMind runs a certification program for officially closing the No. 3 and No. 4 models. Only five people (Joe Kinney, Nathan Holle, David Morton, Tommy Heslep and Magnus Samuelsson) have been certified for closing the No. 4.

On July 29, 2008, IronMind announced that they would add a certification for closing the No. 3.5 Captains of Crush Gripper.

Another product from IronMind that gains lots of attention is the Rolling Thunder One-Handed deadlift apparatus. It has a thick rotating handle that helps to train the grip. There's a Rolling Thunder World Championship to see who can lift the most weight with this deadlift handle. The current world record was set by Mark Felix in January 2008 at just over 300 pounds.

IronMind also has a certification program for their Red Nail, a feat of short steel bending that showcases one's wrist, hand, and upper-body strength. John Brookfield was the first person to bend this Red Nail, in 1995.

IronMind compiles and publishes the quarterly strength journal MILO. MILO is the only U.S. iron game publication to be accredited to cover the Olympics; the Beijing Olympics will be the fourth Olympic Games that IronMind will be covering.

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