Mark Rippetoe is the owner, janitor and general manager of Wichita Falls Athletic Club, CrossFit Wichita Falls and Performance Sports Conditioning. He has 25 years experience in the fitness industry and 10 years personal experience as a competitive powerlifter. He has coached athletes in barbell and strength sports since 1980. He was in the very first group to sit for the NCSA's Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist exam in 1985. He was certified by USA Weightlifting as a Level III Coach in 1988, and currently holds the Senior Coach certification. He has coached numerous national level competitors, and many thousands of people interested in improving their health and strength.


Mark Rippetoe, along with Lon Kilgore, currently has four books in publication:
Starting Strength: A Simple and Practical Guide for Coaching Beginners
Starting Strength 2nd Edition: Basic Barbell Training
Practical Programming for Strength Training
Strong Enough? : Thoughts from Thirty Years of Barbell Training.

Weightlifting BackgroundEdit

I have been doing the [clean and jerk and the snatch] as a part of my training since 1979. I was a competitive powerlifter, but we snatched and c&jed as a part of training with Bill Starr. I have snatched 82.5 and C&Jed 105 as lifts that were not my competitive sport. My best clean was 275 many years ago -- power, I believe. I have been coached by Bill Starr, Tommy Suggs, Jim Moser, Dr. Kilgore, Glenn Pendlay, Angel Spassov, Harvey Newton, and many fellow lifters. I have never claimed to be a good weightlifter, but I have coached the lifts since 1984. I obtained my USWF Level III certification in 1988 at the OTC in Colo Spgs with Mike Stone, Harvey Newton, and Angel Spassov on faculty. I obtained my USAW Senior Coach certification in 1999 at the OTC with Lyn Jones, John Thrush, Mike Conroy, et al. I was invited, as an Olympic weightlifting coach, to the Olympic Solidarity course at the OTC in 2000. I have coached and participated in the coaching of Jim Moser, Glenn Pendlay, Dr. Kilgore, several of our national and international-level athletes, and the members of the collegiate team at Midwestern State University (still actively coaching the MSU people) and Wichita Falls Weightlifting from 1999-2006. I still actively coach the sport on a daily basis here at CFWF/WFAC, and the power clean (and occasionally the power snatch) at our seminars around the country every month.

Powerlifting CareerEdit

Mark Rippetoe Deadlifting 585 lbs.

These are his previous PRs at a weight of 220:

Meet squat: 611, (622 got 2 reds, one depth and one politics)
Gym squat: 600 x 3 Both done in a single-ply Frantz suit.

Meet bench: 396 on an easy 3rd attempt after his foot slipped on the 2nd with that weight.

Meet deadlift: 633 on two separate occasions.

PR Total: 1643

Won the Greater Texas Classic at 198 in 1981.
Retired from PL competition in 1988.

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