The press or overhead press is a weight training exercise which focuses on the development of the shoulders. The lift is performed standing, by pressing the weight from the anterior deltoids overhead until the arms are extended. The press is primarily intended for the development of the shoulders. But because the lift is performed standing, it also develops the arms, the abdominals, the obliques, the costal muscles, and the back, which all act as stabilizers.

Movement Edit

The Press is performed by taking a barbell and putting it on the anterior deltoids. This can be done by taking the barbell from a rack or by cleaning the weight from the floor (clean and press).

Variations Edit

Other variations of the press are:

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References Edit

  • Mark Rippetoe with Lon Kilgore, Starting Strength, The Aasgaard Company Publishers, 2005, ISBN 0-9768-0540-5

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