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Press Instructional VideosEdit

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Mark Rippetoe: Press Instruction 1Edit

Bar, scapula, mid-foot in line. Squishy shoes suck. Elbows forward. Snakes.

Mark Rippetoe: Press Instruction 2Edit

Squeezing everything from the floor up, get under the bar, move the torso forward, knees.

Mark Rippetoe: Press Instruction 3Edit

No spotting the press, bar close to your face, get under the bar.

Mark Rippetoe: Weighted Press 1Edit

Mark Rippetoe: Weighted Press 2Edit

Mark Rippetoe: Weighted Press 3Edit

Mark Rippetoe: Press ReviewEdit

Mark Rippetoe: Press GripEdit

Mark Rippetoe: Press Posture QuestionEdit

Mark Rippetoe: Press Torso PositionsEdit

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