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Squat Instructional VideosEdit

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Mark Rippetoe: Intro to the Low-Bar BacksquatEdit

Mark Rippetoe gives his trademark introduction to the back squat.

Mark Rippetoe: Fixing the Squat: Hip Drive of peaceEdit

Rip teaches how to add hip drive to the squat.

Mark Rippetoe: Coaching the SquatEdit


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A greatsquat. Watch her left knee buckle a bit before she corrects it @23 sec.
She displays good concentration here when she corrects it. Do like her.

Mark Rippetoe: Coaching the Squat 2Edit

Owen Kelly of the Arkansas Orthopaedic Institute getting back into training with squats at WFAC.
Here he's practicing getting deep enough and using the correct rebound after modifying stance width.

Mark Rippetoe: Back Squat Geometry Pt. 1Edit

Defining "parallel" and the 3 angles that establish the barbell back squat.
Watch the entire 12 min. video in the November 2007 Crossfit Journal.

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