Black Female BodybuildersEdit

You have to be completely dedicated to bodybuilding if you are one of the black female bodybuilders, because if you aren't, you won't be able to put in the required work to get better. You can't float around in the middle ground. You can't make up eating 7 meals every single day. You can't just act like you did your workout when you really didn't. You have to be committed to come up with the focus that is required for serious training sessions. Female lifters are even more taboo. The sexiness of a woman mixed with strength isn't something that main stream media has accepted, but we're getting there! However, the consistency that one must have to see results is crazy!

Black Female Bodybuilders are the sameEdit

Someones race doesn't determine whether a body can become great. However, that's not to say that genetics don't play a large role in accounting for how much lean mass someone can have naturally. Black bodybuilders tend to be able to have more mass, which is definitely a good thing. However, this isn't set in stone and is simply a developing trend.

The training methods of a girl depend on what type of contest is coming up. There are two types: bodybuilding and figure. Bodybuilding is all about mass and it gives points for extra vascularity and perfect symmetry. Figure is more concerned with developing a more feminine physique that is aimed at more of an overall fitness body. Both types of contests require lots of work. However, bodybuilding requires that one lift weight within the hypertrophy rep range while figure uses a lot of endurance-based workouts that are for a smaller physique.

Black Female Bodybuilders - Don't Forget Dieting!Edit

Diet is probably the number one thing is building a nice body. Black bodybuilders must have a ton of dedication and willpower to push through the tough spots in training. Your diet needs to be custom tailored to your needs. Figuring out what to eat will require whether or not to bulk or cut.

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